Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right for You?
February 18, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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How cosmetic dentistry from your dentist in New Paltz, New York can rejuvenate your smile.


Your smile needs a little TLC, especially as you get older. As you age, your teeth become more dull and discolored. Everyday wear-and-tear issues like chips and cracks can show up too. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help rejuvenate your smile. Dr. Heidi Wettels offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services to give you the smile you deserve. She has two convenient office locations in New Paltz, and Woodstock, New York to help you and your smile look your best.

Cosmetic dentistry has opened up a whole new world of dental treatment. Cosmetic dentistry procedures enhance the beauty of your smile, so you can show an outstanding smile to the world. Consider just a few of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available:

A professional teeth whitening treatment, which is the right choice to turn a dull, aging smile into a dazzling smile. You can whiten your smile up to 8 shades and your amazing results can last up to 5 years. It’s a safe procedure because the products and techniques have been rigorously tested and approved by the American Dental Association. The in-office process takes only about an hour, so you can be on your way quickly, knowing you look your best.

A dental bonding treatment, which is the right choice to repair small chips, cracks, and other signs of wear-and-tear. Dental bonding uses composite, which is a liquid material that is matched to the color of your teeth, and sculpted to match your tooth contours. The composite is hardened with a blue light, giving you a strong dental treatment that enhances your smile.

A porcelain veneer treatment, which is the right choice to give your smile a dramatically beautiful boost. Veneers are thin laminates of bright, sparkling, stain-resistant porcelain that are cemented on to the front surfaces of your teeth. You can change the size, shape, color, and other attributes of your teeth. You can also close up small gaps between your teeth and minimize the look of crowding, rotation, or tooth overlap.

Your dentist can help you decide which cosmetic dentistry procedure is right for you. To find out more about how cosmetic dentistry can help your smile, call Dr. Heidi Wettels in New Paltz, New York at (845) 244-3082 or at her office in Woodstock, New York at (845) 679-6083. Call today.