What are Implant Dentures?
October 24, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how dental implants could improve how your dentures function.dental implants, dentures, restorative dentistry

If you are dealing with total tooth loss, chances are that perhaps you turned to dentures to restore your smile. Not only can you get dentures quickly but they are also relatively inexpensive compared to other options; however, sometimes people don’t realize that dentures can’t function like real teeth and are often disappointed with their new dentures once they discover the difference. If this sounds like you, our Woodstock or New Paltz, NY, dentist, Dr. Heidi Wettels, is here to tell you how dental implants might be able to help.

Whether you are someone who is unhappy with their dentures or you are just in the beginning stages of choosing the right restoration for you, there are many scenarios in which dental implants can truly provide wonderful and unique benefits for your smile.

As you may already know, an implant is a metal post that our Woodstock or New Paltz general dentist will have to place inside a drilled-out hole within the jawbone. This implant will function just like tooth roots and will become a permanent foundation from which to support an artificial tooth such as a crown.

Those who are only looking to replace a single missing tooth will have a custom dental crown placed over the implant but,if you are someone who is dealing with complete tooth loss then you’ll need several implants in order to do the job; however, the process is the same regardless of whether you need one or several implants.

Over the course of several months the bone and tissue will heal around the implants, making them a lifelong restoration. After your mouth has fully healed (anywhere from three to six months after your surgery) we will attach the dentures to the top of the implants. If you already have dentures then we can just place this prosthetic over the implants; however, if you need to have dentures made this may take a little more time since a special dental lab will need to create your false teeth.

Implants can offer the reliability you have been looking for, that perhaps you didn’t experience with your regular dentures. If your dentures are frustrating you, you aren’t out of luck. Implants could help turn it around!

Are you ready to find out more about implant dentures and whether you are the ideal candidate for this treatment? Then it’s time you called our Woodstock or New Paltz, NY, dental office today to let us know you are interested in implant dentures and what they can do to improve your oral prosthetic.